Guest Post: Updates to Banner Grade Publishing Tool within Canvas

Guest Post: Updates to Banner Grade Publishing Tool within Canvas

By Matt Lisle, Director of Digital Learning Technologies at C21U

Around the same time that Georgia Tech implemented Canvas as its new learning management system, the new Faculty Grade Entry (FGE) module was introduced in Banner. This module makes it much easier for faculty to import and finalize grades in Banner. However, we needed to make a few minor improvements within Canvas to streamline the process.

Last Fall, we launched a pilot of a newly-developed “Banner Grade Publishing” tool created by my team in the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U). Around 50 faculty members volunteered to try the new tool and provide feedback. We are taking those suggestions into account and will be rolling out version 2 of the grade publishing tool to all Canvas courses in the coming days. 

To access the tool, look for “Banner Grade Publishing” in the left-hand menu of your Canvas course. This tool exports your grades into a Banner-ready spreadsheet that can easily be imported into FGE. If you’re teaching a Canvas course in which you’ve combined multiple sections, you can export one spreadsheet and import it into each of your sections in Banner.

We hope to continue improving this process, and we have high hopes for some of the emerging standards coming out of IMS, including EDU-API. As our platforms continue to recognize and adhere to industry standards, this process can be streamlined even more.

As always, email us at canvas@gatech.edu if you have any questions about this new tool.


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