Canvas Community

Like many at Georgia Tech, if you are new to Canvas, you are likely new to the Community. Canvas Community is an open forum where users can document and discuss their Canvas experiences and/or access guides and training resources.

The Community is divided into three main areas, in which users can Find Answers, Share Ideas, and Join Groups:

  • Find Answers: A place to ask questions and start discussions, as well as access vital resources such as student and instructor guides, training, and the Canvas Commons, a learning object warehouse that enables educators to find and share resources.
  • Share Ideas: A place to find information on and/or participate in product development.
  • Groups: A place to locate communities of interest within the Canvas Community, wherein one can network and collaborate with other Canvas users.

Anyone can view and search the Community. However, in order to contribute, you must log in. With Single-Sign-On, Georgia Tech users can log in with their standard GT/Canvas credentials using the directions found here.

If you are ready to jump in and learn more about Community, we suggest you begin with the Canvas Community Overview Video and the Getting Started page.