Canvas Expert Help for Faculty 

Are you a faculty member who is learning to navigate Canvas? There are several expert help options available to help you along the way!  

Help from Educational Technology Experts:  

  • Need help designing and developing courses?  
    • Click here to set up a one-on-one instructional design consultation with the learning technology specialists in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). 
  • Need help migrating your courses to Canvas or using Canvas within your course?  
    • Click here to set up a one-on-one Canvas consultation with the Digital Learning Team. 

Technical Support 

  • Need help around the clock?  
    • Georgia Tech has subscribed to 24/7 support provided by Canvas, which means that you can ask their experts questions via email, chat, or phone at any time. 
  • Want to visit our office hours?  
    • Our scheduled office hours for Spring 2018 are: 
      • Virtual Office Hours: Thursday & Friday, 9-12 AM  
      • Face-to Face AppointmentsThursday & Friday, 1-4 PM (Location TBD) 
      • Click here to schedule an appointment! 
  • Want to visit one of our open houses?  
    • We are holding several open houses for Spring 2018. Drop by in person or online to any of the below! 
      • WednesdayMarch 28th
        • Klaus 1207, 9 AM – 12 PM 
        • Virtually* in BlueJeans (Participant Passcode: 2084)
      • Thursday, March 29th
        • 760 Spring Street, 1 – 4 PM
        • Virtually* in BlueJeans (Participant Passcode: 2084)
      • Friday, April 20th 
        • 760 Spring Street,  1 – 4 PM
        • Virtually* in BlueJeans (Participant Passcode: 2084)
      •  Friday, May 4th
        • Klaus 1207, 9 AM – 12 PM 
        • Virtually* in BlueJeans (Participant Passcode: 2084)
      •  Monday, May 7th (Final Grades Due)
        • 760 Spring Street, 1 – 4 PM
        • Virtually* in BlueJeans (Participant Passcode: 2084)

Canvas Training, Training and More Training

Canvas is here and early adopters across campus have reported positive experiences overall!  Whether you are an enthusiastic adopter, somewhat more ambivalent (or even reluctant) one of the first things you will want to do is learn how to use Canvas effectively. Never fear, there are many training and documentation options available!

We have provided community access to training options by posting a Training link on our homepage. Many users will do best to start with a basic video overview online and for this, you have several options:

  1. Webinars: There are several hour-long webinars available directly from Instructure. Three of the most basic webinars are even recorded, making them available for viewing at any time:

To register for a wider variety of Instructure live webinars, you can start at Instructure Canvas Training. Click on Access Training, where you can first register for an account using your Georgia Tech email, then revisit and login. I recommend the Welcome to Canvas and the Building Block series.

  1. On-Campus Training: Last November, the Georgia Tech Digital Learning team invited Instructure to provide on-campus training, and many faculty were able to attend. However, for those who were not able to attend, all of the unique sessions were recorded. You can review these sessions by going to our Training page. The most popular session was the two-hour Canvas 101.
  2. Full Overviews:
    • Lynda: Yet another option for a full overview session of learning is Lynda – you can review the 90-minute Introduction to Canvas by following the same link mentioned as above – – just scroll to the bottom to the Lynda section. You will need to login (top left) and then search for “Canvas” related training. I recommend the Learning Canvas 2017 course and it is available to view in six modular sections if you don’t have time to view the entire video at once.
    • Instructure Video Library: If you prefer your learning in smaller chunks or more topic-specific, Instructure has their entire video library available here. We have pulled together a list of Canvas Basics for Instructors at the bottom of our Self Help page.
    • Online Documentation by Topic: Most of the above are online videos, but video content is not your only option! Full topical documentation is available here. Instructor self-paced community resources are available here.
    • Departmental Overview and Training Sessions: For those who would like to have a departmental overview and training session, please reach out to our team via email at and we will work with you to set up a session. We will also be providing several drop-in open houses starting in March.

Migrating to Canvas will obviously have its bumps, but we hope you will find the above training resources helpful! Should you have additional ideas on how we can help you, your department, school or the larger Tech community, please reach out to our team at We are actively looking for additional ways to assist and your input is appreciated.

Canvas Community

Like many at Georgia Tech, if you are new to Canvas, you are likely new to the Community. Canvas Community is an open forum where users can document and discuss their Canvas experiences and/or access guides and training resources.

The Community is divided into three main areas, in which users can Find Answers, Share Ideas, and Join Groups:

  • Find Answers: A place to ask questions and start discussions, as well as access vital resources such as student and instructor guides, training, and the Canvas Commons, a learning object warehouse that enables educators to find and share resources.
  • Share Ideas: A place to find information on and/or participate in product development.
  • Groups: A place to locate communities of interest within the Canvas Community, wherein one can network and collaborate with other Canvas users.

Anyone can view and search the Community. However, in order to contribute, you must log in. With Single-Sign-On, Georgia Tech users can log in with their standard GT/Canvas credentials using the directions found here.

If you are ready to jump in and learn more about Community, we suggest you begin with the Canvas Community Overview Video and the Getting Started page.

Canvas Support Resources

Did you know you can talk to someone 24/7 about your Canvas questions? Click the Help button inside Canvas (in the bottom left corner). This includes the toll-free number, live chat, and links to self-learning options. All available free to use.

Below is a list of our various Canvas support resources. Please feel free to reach out to support teams via any of these avenues.

Phone Assistance


  • Available 24x7x365

Faculty Support Hotline

  • 1-833-476-1172

Student Support Hotline

  • 1-833-259-8498

Live Chat

Email Assistance

Search the Canvas Community

The Georgia Tech Digital Learning Team


Canvas Help

Canvas is Here

During fall semester 2017, a group of faculty early adopters began using Canvas to help prepare for the general campus release. As of spring 2018, Canvas is available for all Georgia Tech faculty to use.

Should I use Canvas or T-Square?

Since all official Georgia Tech courses in Banner are provisioned in Canvas, use of Canvas for course sites is highly encouraged for summer and fall 2018.

Until T-Square is completely phased out in fall 2018, many students will have courses in both Canvas and T-Square. Therefore, it is important for faculty to inform students at the beginning of each semester whether their course is located within T-Square or Canvas. Faculty can approach this in a variety of ways: by emailing students directly prior to the beginning of the semester, or, if they are using Canvas, by posting a note within T-Square, directing students to Canvas.

So where does that leave T-Square?

T-Square will be available for course sites until the end of 2018. Beginning in January 2019, T-Square will no longer be supported for course sites.

Project sites will continue to be supported in T-Square through December 2019, a year longer than course sites. In the near future, we will provide recommendations of appropriate platforms to use in place of T-Square to support project sites.