New Gradebook Tool and Trainings

New Gradebook Tool and Trainings

Throughout the summer, Instructure will host online trainings for the new Gradebook and Speedgrader tools!


THURSDAY, JUNE 7TH, 5:00pm (EDT) – Register here now!
THURSDAY, JUNE 22ND, 12:00pm (EDT) – Register here now!
TUESDAY, JULY 17, 7:00pm (EDT) – Register here now!
FRIDAY, AUGUST 3RD, 10:00am (EDT) – Register here now!

Keep reading to find out more about the new Gradebook tool below!

Instructure has heard faculty’s suggestions and concerns and has released a new and improved gradebook in Canvas. Once the New Gradebook project is completed (currently in Beta), it will become the official gradebook in Canvas. Currently, instructors may enable the new Gradebook on a course-by-course basis. If you are new to Canvas this summer or fall semester, we encourage you to use the New Gradebook. Existing Canvas users should consider trying the New Gradebook in one of their courses and/or the test environment before using it for all courses. Eventually, the New Gradebook will replace the current Canvas Gradebook. Students will not encounter any significant changes with their view.

Canvas offers two environments, test, and production. Test is a reproduction of the courses as they appear in production and gets reset back to the current production state every 3 weeks. Production is where official GT courses are built and offered to the students. The Canvas release schedule for beta, production, and test environments can be found in the Community.

In production, course owners can turn on the beta version of the new gradebook in their courses (Settings > Feature Options tab > enable New Gradebook). It is important to note that you cannot go back to the old Gradebook once you apply a grading rule to late and missing submissions or manually adjust submission status to none, late, missing, or excused.

In test, faculty can experiment with the New Gradebook without impacting a live course. Steps to enable new gradebook in your test course(s) are the same as in production.

Improvements in the New Gradebook project are being released in two phases. These changes are included in the phase I release:

  • New menus for more settings and sorting options
  • Control over color feedback with a built-in color key
  • More filtering options
  • Improved keyboard accessibility on grade entry
  • Drag and drop total columns
  • Crosshairs and highlighting for orientation
  • Late and missing flags with automatic deduction policies

All functionality within the current Gradebook is included in the New Gradebook with the following exceptions:

For additional information, please refer to Canvas Release Notes for New Gradebook. If you have any questions or need help with the New Gradebook, please contact the Digital Learning Team ( or Instructure 24x7x365.

Further information can be found about the new gradebook using the links below and by accessing the Canvas community.

New gradebook FAQs:

How do I use the new gradebook?

How do I access Speedgrader within the new gradebook?

How do I export grades from the new gradebook?