GaTech Roster Tool

GaTech Roster Tool

In Fall 2017, Georgia Tech officially started using Canvas for academic courses. One of the first customizations the Digital Learning Team (DLT) built is the GaTech Roster tool. Faculty use this tool to view students’ BuzzCard photos (which helps instructional teams learn their students’ names), export lists of student data, search and filter students by section, and more.  
The DLT quickly built version one of the GaTech Roster tool in Canvas for our first group of users, and it’s been utilized throughout the past two semesters. The tool worked well, but there were some performance issues – particularly in large classes. We also received great feedback from Georgia Tech instructors and TAs about the tool. 
Our team is happy to announce that version two of the tool is now in production and available to all Georgia Tech courses in Canvas. The improvements include: 
  1. Performance improvements: You should notice your courses loading much faster now. Extremely large courses will still experience a slight lag, but your roster will begin appearing as the data becomes available (rather than waiting to display any data until all of it has loaded). 
  1. Confidential student indicators: If any of your students have requested confidential status, they will be indicated as such in your roster. This indicator will also provide a link to Georgia Tech’s policy on student confidentiality. 
  1. Section filters: Faculty can now filter students by section (both in “Table” and “Photo Grid” views). This should greatly improve utility for large, cross-listed courses. 
  1. Printable photo grid: The photo grid can now be printed without splitting a student’s photo across page breaks. 
  1. New pagination options: New pagination options make it possible to view all students on one screen or split into groups of students per screen. 
Please continue to provide feedback to our team via Your suggestions will enable us to continue improving your Canvas experience.  
Finally, a huge thank you to Emily Reese and Stuart Freeman, application developers in C21U. They’ve worked tirelessly to bring this tool to Georgia Tech instructors, and we hope that you find it useful.