Canvas is Here

Canvas is Here

During fall semester 2017, a group of faculty early adopters began using Canvas to help prepare for the general campus release. As of spring 2018, Canvas is available for all Georgia Tech faculty to use.

Should I use Canvas or T-Square?

Since all official Georgia Tech courses in Banner are provisioned in Canvas, use of Canvas for course sites is highly encouraged for summer and fall 2018.

Until T-Square is completely phased out in fall 2018, many students will have courses in both Canvas and T-Square. Therefore, it is important for faculty to inform students at the beginning of each semester whether their course is located within T-Square or Canvas. Faculty can approach this in a variety of ways: by emailing students directly prior to the beginning of the semester, or, if they are using Canvas, by posting a note within T-Square, directing students to Canvas.

So where does that leave T-Square?

T-Square will be available for course sites until the end of 2018. Beginning in January 2019, T-Square will no longer be supported for course sites.

Project sites will continue to be supported in T-Square through December 2019, a year longer than course sites. In the near future, we will provide recommendations of appropriate platforms to use in place of T-Square to support project sites.