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Speed Up SpeedGrader!


SpeedGrader can be an efficient and powerful tool for viewing, annotating, commenting, and grading student work.  But a few tweaks can fine-tune it for faster instructor performance! 

Sort students by submission status 

Instead of scrolling through a long list, grouping students by Needs Grading, Graded, and No Submission makes it easier to get through a batch of assignments.   

SpeedGrader sorting options

See the Canvas Guide: 

Use keyboard shortcuts 

SpeedGrader has several built-in keyboard shortcuts for navigating.  Mousing around a screen takes time, and a toll on the wrist, so mastering a few simple keyboard shortcuts can make repetitive tasks go faster and hurt less. 

SpeedGrader keyboard shortcut list

See the Canvas Guide: 

What Do Students See When I Use SpeedGrader? 

In SpeedGrader, all content you add to a student’s assignment submission is immediately visible to that student. This content includes: 

Click to see how students access grades and feedback. 

What If I Don’t Want Students to See Their Grades Yet? 

If you don’t want students to see any of your grading-and-feedback content, you can mute the assignment, which is a Canvas feature that lets instructors, TAs, and graders hide all grades and feedback for an assignment from students until it is unmuted, making all of this content visible to students. Click for instructions on how to mute and unmute Canvas assignments. 

We do not recommend keeping the SpeedGrader view of a submission open for more than 60 minutes, as there have been issues in the past where graders have lost feedback because they have kept the tool open for more than 60 minutes. 

SpeedGrader Overview