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Updates to PostEm Assist with Remote and Hybrid Teaching

Last year, C21U built a new Canvas tool called Postem that allows teachers to upload and share a spreadsheet to provide individualized feedback to students. We recently deployed several new features that will make the tool even more useful during these times of remote and hybrid teaching. These features include: 

  1. Spreadsheet Templates: Teachers can now download a spreadsheet template that pre-fills a column with course roster information. This allows new PostEm users to get started much more quickly. 
  1. Redesigned Interface: Several changes to the interface make the tool much more user friendly, placing all tools for a given sheet on a single screen. 
  1. Replace Sheets: Teachers can now replace sheets, which will be helpful when using PostEm for attendance. This allows teachers to add columns to a sheet throughout the semester without cluttering the students’ list of sheets in the tool. 

To get started with PostEm, follow the instructions at