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Canvas + Turnitin: Integrations, Training, & more!

Did you know that Turnitin offers two integrations for Canvas?

Turnitin  provides instructors with the tools they need to detect plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback on assignments. Georgia Tech’s site license for Turnitin consists of two Canvas integrations – the Canvas Plagiarism Framework and the Turnitin External Tool (LTI). Both of these tools can be used when creating assignments in Canvas.

Want to learn more about Canvas and Turnitin? Check out our Turnitin page here! You’ll find helpful info about your integration options, as well as a link to register for our upcoming Turnitin training, with both remote and in-person options available, Monday, November 12, 2018, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM!

Badgr for Canvas

Did you know that Canvas now has Badges powered by Badgr? With the integration of Badgr, instructors and students can now benefit from badging capability within every course!

Badges are an exciting addition to Canvas and the educational landscape at large. Not only does Badgr allows instructors to monitor and illustrate student achievements in new ways, but from a student perspective, badges are a unique way to visually ascertain the skills and learning outcomes they are mastering within their courses.

Per Instructure’s announcement, “With Badgr now native to Canvas, teachers can effortlessly create badges within Canvas, and associate those badges with the completion of modules in their course. Teachers will be able to easily see the progress of students in their course and export badging data. Additionally, students can view a privacy-protected class leaderboard to see how they compare to their classmates.”

For more information on Badgr, you can check out Instructure’s announcement here. To read the Badgr setup document for Canvas, click here.