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Goodbye T-Square, Hello Canvas!

As you know, beginning in January 2019, T-Square will no longer be supported for course sites. Since all courses will live within Canvas as of January, instructors are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with Canvas in anticipation of the Spring 2019 semester

In order to facilitate your use of Canvas, the Digital Learning Team would like to provide you with several options and opportunities:

  1. Self Help:
    • We have a variety of options available on our Canvas “Self Help” page, including: 
      • Canvas Resources for Instructors: Access the Canvas Community homepage, Canvas Instructor Guide, Canvas Video Guides, and information about Georgia Tech LTI Plugins.
      • Canvas Basics for Instructors: Materials to get you started creating or modifying your course, using the Canvas Teacher app, adding TAs to your course, etc. 
  2. Online Training:
    • We have a variety of online training options available on our Canvas “Training Options” page, including:
      • Canvas Online (Live Training): Canvas Training offerings are divided into seven unique series. Whatever your skill level, find a variety of training offerings to meet your needs. Click here to access current live training offerings. (Note: Please use your Georgia Tech email address to create an account and gain access to Georgia Tech’s enterprise license.)
      • Canvas Online (Self-Paced)Choose from a variety of training offerings within the Canvas community that fit your schedule. Click here to access current self-paced training offerings. 
      • Canvas Training through Lynda: Several Canvas training courses are available in the Lynda library. To access these courses, log in at and search for “Canvas” in the search box.
  3. Expert Help:
    • We have a variety of Expert Help options available on our Canvas “Expert Help” page, including:
      •  One-on-One Instructional Design Consultations: Schedule a time with the learning technology specialists in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to discuss how to effectively use Canvas in your courses.  
      •  One-on-One Canvas Consultations: Schedule a time with the Digital Learning Team to discuss migrating your course(s) to Canvas and/or using Canvas for your course.
      • 24/7 Help Desk: Georgia Tech has subscribed to 24/7 Canvas support, which means that you can ask their experts questions via email, chat, or phone, at any time. 
      • Contact the Digital Learning Team: Feel free to reach out to the Digital Learning Team at if you have additional questions, concerns, or suggestions for how we can further support your teaching with Canvas. We are excited and motivated to assist you as you move forward with developing your courses for Spring 2019 and beyond!

Combining Courses within Canvas

Are you a faculty member or TA who would like to combine your courses within Canvas? Good news: there’s a Georgia Tech tool for that!

Check out the New Course Combining tool here. Built by Georgia Tech, this tool simplifies the process of combining your courses within Canvas.

Not sure whether you can or should combine your courses? Make sure to check out the following links before you decide:

  1. More info on Combining Courses:  
  2. Georgia Tech’s policy and procedure for FERPA considerations when using Canvas: